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Female Chest Protector

A female chest protector has quickly become an essential part of women’s sport the only problem is most women don’t know about it. In a recent survey conducted on 207 females who play Australian Rules (AFL) it was found that 53% of players did not know breast protection was available and therefore have never considered any form of female chest protector.

Sadly this is not just common in AFL but in most women’s sports such as cricket, hockey, lacrosse, basketball and much more. While there are many impact sports padding options available for different body parts such as knee pads, helmets, shin guards etc., having a female chest protection is often overlooked. In most impact sports more than a sports bra is required to be safe, breasts are particularly at risk.

What ares the risks of not wearing a female chest protector?

The risks to your health of not protecting your chest can be quite severe and can include but are not limited to;
  • Painful bruising and swelling.
  • General discomfort
  • Lumps (fat necrosis)
  • Breast haematoma

Outside of health risks the obvious risk is on performance after a chest impact. In a recent study of 504 professional level female athletes, 36% said they received a breast injury. In the study Breast injuries were perceived to negatively affect performance in 21% of athletes who reported experiencing a breast injury. Let’s face impact sports can be tough as it is without playing with an injury. That injury will also follow you off the field as well.

Another overlooked factor inside of performance is the level of comfort you have. Friction burns are common in contact sports. Our protective breast inserts are not only there to protect your breasts but also to ensure you are comfortable. They sit inside your sports bra and protect you from friction burns and chaffing. For more information on our female chest protector, click here.

One of the most troubling things unearthed in the survey however was that only 10% of women reported their injuries to their coach or medical expert. This is a far bigger issue than what people are talking about.

Boob Armour was created as the ultimate way to guard your chest from impact. You don’t need to risk it anymore.