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Hard Ball and Bat Sports

As long as there have been balls, there have also been humans looking for sticks to hit them with. Cricket, Baseball & Softball are the most popular hard ball and bat sports played by women in Australia today.

 With the recent surge in the popularity of womens cricket in Australia you would be forgiven if you thought that the sport has come out of nowhere, like a whirlwind. You might be surprised to know however that women's cricket is even older than Australia! The first recorded match was in England in july 1745. It's safe to say that they weren't wearing chest protectors in cricket or even helmets back then.

Even a softball is not your friend, don't befooled by the name. Although the sport was named softball because it was played with a “softball”, hardballs have been used for many years now. Whether it's a hardball, softball or even a tennis ball it really doesn't matter because anything being pitched at your boobs at more than 110kph is going to hurt.

In a recent (2018) study of female collegiateathletes at four U.S. universities, 60% of softball players reported a breastinjury during their career. Although 18.2% indicated that breast injuryaffected sports participation, only 10% of the injuries were reported tomedical personnel with 2% receiving treatment.

 Boob Armour inserts are designed with a balanceof impact protection and comfort for your breasts. Whether you are fielding, upto bat or covering a base, you can wear the same inserts without needing tochange padding. 

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Court Sports

Netball, Volleyball, Basketball and Futsal are the most commonly played court sports by women in Australia. Women’s court sports are set to explode with all the upcoming world championships and sporting events.

As of December 2020 the Aussie Women's Basketball team known as the Opals are ranked 2nd in the world. The Opals will be proudly representing Australia at the Olympics in July 2021. With three silver and two bronze medals already under their belt, captain Jenna O'Hea says they are ready for gold.

In 2022, Australia will also host the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup in Sydney where our Opals will have the chance to outshine the United States and finally seize that coveted number 1 world ranking.

Some basketball injuries you have probably heard about are achilles tendinitis, sprained ankles, and ACL injuries at the knee. However until recently little was known about breast injuries in female basketball. In a recent (2018) US study of 194 female college athletes, 48.8% of the women's basketball players reported receiving breast injuries over their career. Staggeringly that is nearly 50% of all women who played basketball during their college years. The reason you may not have heard about these figures is that only 9.6% of the women in the group studied reported their injury to medical personnel.

In addition, you might have experienced breast pain during repetitive bouts of running and jumping. This is due to excessive movement of the breasts on the chest wall, especially if you have larger breasts. It’s tempting to stay in tight clothing as the restrictive movement makes you feel better. However, the temporary relief that this may provide actually makes the whole condition worse by compressing the lymphatics within the breast and within the skin. This increases the amount of fluid retained within the breast and typically causes pain in the front of the breast.

So it’s clear that female breasts need adequate support to prevent excessive movement during sporting activities and most importantly protection against impact.

To prevent pain during exercise your breasts should not be compressed tightly against the chest wall. The breasts should preferably be encapsulated in a cup shape, as recommended by Professor Joanna Scurr, Head of Research Group in the UK Breast Health Institute. Boob Armour protective inserts are contoured to the shape of the breast and meet this requirement.

Federation of Australia Futsal (FAF) founded in 2013 is the governing body for futsal in Australia. It has a small but dedicated community that is mostly self run and self managed.

While shin guards are mandatory, there has been nothing suggested or provided to protect the female breasts from impact. It appears that knowledge of breast injury in court games like Futsal is unknown.However as you are aware Futsal is similar to soccer played on an indoor court.  In a recent (2018) US study of 194 female college athletes, 47% of the women's soccer players reported receiving breast injuries over their career.

These injuries can be very painful and cause significant drops in performance. Also,deep bruising of breast tissue can result in the formation of hard lumps, which although not in themselves cancerous can be difficult to differentiate from breast cancer.

So you can understand that in most of these popular sports female breasts are particularly at risk, and more than a sports bra is required to be safe.

Boob Armour protective inserts are incredibly lightweight and sturdy. They are designed to fit the contours of your body as well as discreetly fit into your favourite sports bra. No fittings required, no bulbous padding, no movement restrictions

Field Sports

The most popular field sports for women in Australia are Australian Rules Football, Soccer, Field hockey & Lacrosse.

To say that Australia is looking forward to hosting the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, is an understatement. The pressure is on the Matildas asthey represent their country in front of their family, friends and communities on home soil.

To AFL and AFLWs credit they have introduced many safety measures focused on supporting women who play Australian Rules Football. Mouth guards have a definite role in preventing injuries to the teeth and face and for this reason they are strongly recommended at all levels of football. However until recently injury to the breasts of the female footballer was poorly understood.

Lacrosse is as close as you can get to a combat sport onthe field. Despite having only a smallfraction of the playing pool of other countries, Australia's national women'steam have won two senior women's world championships (in 1986 and in 2005), aswell as the inaugural Under 19 world championship in 1995.

Unfortunately there have not been any studies that have investigated the incidence of female breast injury in these sports, however as you can imagine it is possible that this can occur during heated clashes. Boobarmour inserts are easy to position inside your sports bra so why take the risk of breast injury on the field?

Combat Sports

The most prevalent combat sports for women in Australia are boxing, MMA and karate. Once a fringe sport, MMA has soared in popularity over the past decade. A combination ofboxing, jiu jitsu and wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts is promoted at the top level by the UFC. Ronda Rousey (pictured below) is known as being the best female MMA fighter on the planet and has since become a household name and a champion for women in the sport.