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Why Should A Women’s Chest Protector Be Worn In Impact Sports?

It's a common misconception in women's sport that as the hits are not as hard, the level of sports protective equipment required is far less. While there is some truth to this, it is important to note that some areas of the body are more sensitive in women than in men. Breasts are the largest example of this.

A recent study of 207 female football players shows that less than 10% of female athletes report their breast injuries. Taking this fact into account breast impacts are extremely common and yet mostly remain under protected.

Breast impacts can also lead to some severe injuries that can follow you off the field, making a womens chest protector a no brainer.

What sports should you consider wearing a women’s chest protector?

The short answer is any sport that has a risk of a breast impact. In some sports women’s chest protector are actually mandatory but here is a list of women's sports that have been highlighted as at risk:

1. Combat sports such as Boxing, MMA, and Karate etc.

2. Ball sports such as Basketball, Football, Soccer, Netball, Softball

3. Field sports such as cricket, hockey and lacrosse

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