5 ways to protect your breasts every day (even in high-contact sport!)

If you have breasts, then you’re likely to experience breast pain, known as mastalgia, at some point in your life. Breast pain is often chronic, which means it can affect your body and overall sense of wellbeing in the long term. So, it’s pretty mind-boggling that conversations around breast health receive such little airtime when we talk about women’s wellbeing.

At Boob Armour, we’re passionate advocates for better breast health and education. While our protective inserts have been meticulously designed to keep your breasts safe and comfortable, they are most effective when working in tandem with these five lifestyle habits. 

1. Exercise regularly

If you’re looking into breast protection or already enjoy your Boob Armour inserts, then there’s a good chance you lead an active lifestyle – and to that we say kudos! Exercise is the best thing you can do for your fitness, mental wellbeing, muscle strength and physical resilience. 

Regular exercise is clinically proven to lower breast cancer risk, but cancer isn’t typically the source of breast pain. More often, breast pain is linked to the menstrual cycle or is the result of a muscle injury or high-impact knock.

Breasts are mammary glands that contain fat cells, tissue and ligaments, but no muscles, which means you can’t strengthen your breasts as themselves. Instead, activities like bench presses, pushups and swimming all strengthen the chest muscles beneath the breasts, making it less likely you’ll sustain a debilitating injury to this part of the body – and fast-tracking your recovery in the event that you do.

2. Eat well

Maintaining a balanced diet and healthy weight is key for long-term breast health – and, really, all health. Much like exercise, the rationale here is that a healthy body is a stronger body: a body that can recover and regain form much more effectively. 

Incorporate plenty of fruit and veggies into your diet, ensure you’re eating a diverse range of meals to maximise your vitamin and nutrient intake and drink plenty of water throughout the day. 

Of course, we’re not about to tell you to eliminate every cheeky dessert or treat – life is for the living, after all! – but simply be conscious that you’re fuelling your body to perform, but also to fight injury and soreness should they come up.

3. Find your fit

Studies show that up to 88% of teenage girls involved in sports are wearing the wrong size bra, while 85% failed to demonstrate even a basic understanding of bra fit. Among adult women, the stats aren’t much better: an estimated 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

Breasts can be heavy, and as gravity does its thing they can pull your torso forward and lead to poor posture and discomfort over time. The only inbuilt breast support our bodies come with is skin, the elasticity of which slackens with age. So it’s super-duper important to find support in a well-made, well-fitted bra – especially for mature women or those who have experienced pregnancy. 

Breast pain may manifest as a headache or soreness in the back, neck and arms. When you wear an ill-fitting bra, you’re missing out on valuable breast support and comfort, and your performance in your sport or at work can suffer as a result.

Follow the steps in our handy Boob Armour Fit Calculator for breast protection tailored to your unique body shape.

4. Treat yourself

When we do talk about breast health, the focus tends to be on what’s going on inside the body, while too often the skin in the breast area is neglected. But some extra TLC in this department can make a world of difference to your boobs!

Breast skin is exceptionally soft and delicate, which makes it prone to wear and tear. If you’re an active woman, you’ll have noticed just how sensitive this particular spot can be – not to mention the horrors of nipple pain and chafing (if you know, you know).

Moisturising your breasts takes just seconds and can do wonders to alleviate itching, soreness and irritation. While you’re moisturising, gently massage the breast tissue to reduce swelling, improve lymph function and destress – and your boobs will thank you for it.

5. Prevent pain before it occurs

Prevention is the ultimate breast protection – and that’s where Boob Armour comes in. Our protective inserts are designed to complement all of these positive lifestyle habits to fortify your breasts, so you can get on with work, play and everything in between with total confidence and in total comfort.

Boob Armour slides snugly into your crop top or sports bra for a body-hugging fit and maximum comfort. The lightweight inserts feature ventilation to promote airflow, absorb high-impact knocks and keep your breasts in place when you’re on the move. Say goodbye to rubbing and bounce, and hello to better breast health – now and in the long term. 

Choose better breast health today and purchase your own Boob Armour inserts today.