Frequently Asked Questions

There is no age minimum. We do recommend any girl playing contact sports with or without breast development to wear the inserts as they will protect even the flat chested from potential injury to the breast bud.

Refer to our size chart, it’s very simple to follow. If in store, simply hold the inserts over your breast. If fits & is comfortable then that’s your size!

Of course, we cater for a majority of breast sizes, from tiny to huge!
Like your favourite dress or underwear if you’re a sweater then yes you may sweat with the inserts in. We have designed them with breathable vents to minimise this.
Very! They support as well as protect. No compression. Females love jogging in them because of the added support.
Inserts can be washed in soapy water to give them a refresh if you’re feeling they’re a little smelly!
They last until you lose them or require a new size. Our broad size range allows for breast growth and we have purposely done this to avoid wastage & impact on our precious environment.
Yes! That’s the point!
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