Breast Protection is
Our Top Priority


One Goal in Mind

We created Boob Armour® to protect women’s breasts and to give athletes, sportspeople and those in physically demanding careers the confidence to play, work and live freely by alleviating breast impact and preventing injury.

Let’s Talk About it

We want to bring breast health into the mainstream conversation in Australia and around the world. Our partnership with the AFL/AFLW has helped push that goal along, but we still have work to do.

Kick Confidence Goals

Although nudges, elbows and shoves are common in contact sports and physically demanding jobs, no one’s confidence should have to be compromised due to lack of protection.

Whether you’re chest marking less to prevent breast knocks and bumps or just avoiding tackles to shield yourself, your breasts shouldn’t hold you back. Boob Armour® is the breast protection that will get you feeling like the invincible athlete or professional you really are.

Is Pain Holding You Back?

Your breasts need your support.

Founder & Owner Suzie Betts created Boob Armour® to give women and girls the protection they need to prevent breast trauma now and into the future. Inspired by her own experience and extensive medical research, Betts found that female breast protection was overwhelmingly ignored in contact sports. Breast impact happens in all contact sports and at all levels of play and, just like mouth and shin guards, we aim to make breast protection the new norm in all contact, impact and ball sports.
Be The Most
Confident You