Occupational Protection

Are You Protected?

Whether you’re a paramedic, a teacher or an athlete – occupational breast damage is more common than you think.

No one deserves to lack confidence when they’re just trying to do their job – which is where Boob Armour® comes in.

Don’t Take The Risk

Apart from causing pain, deep bruising of breast tissue can result in the formation of hard lumps which, although not in themselves cancerous, can be difficult to differentiate from breast cancer.

Boob Armour® protective inserts are contoured to fit comfortably into your sports bra. While strong to cushion against impact, they are also flexible and don’t restrict body movement.

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Whether it’s a bat, a ball or an elbow - don’t let lack of protection stand in your way.

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Occupational Protection

Do a good job, without getting injured.

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