Hard Ball & Bat Sports

The History

Australia’s cricket safety equipment hasn’t changed much since the first recorded match in England, 1745 – even at the highest levels of play. At least corsets are no longer required, that’s a win! But our breasts still remain unprotected from cricket balls flying at us at speeds of 125km/ph.

The Stats

In a recent (2018) study of female collegiate athletes at four U.S. universities, 60% of softball players reported a breast injury during their career.

Although 18.2% indicated that breast injury affects sports participation, only 10% of the injuries were reported to medical personnel, with 2% receiving treatment.

Protection And Comfort

Boob Armour® inserts are designed with a balance of impact protection and comfort for your breasts.

Whether you are fielding, up to bat or covering a base, you can wear the same inserts without needing to change padding.

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Hard Ball & Bat Sports

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