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Boob Armour® and Basketball Australia

Boob Armour® is officially licensed by Basketball Australia.

Basketball is one of the largest participation sports in Australia, and Basketball Australia recognises the need to protect females in contact sports whilst giving them the confidence to perform at their best.

The Figures Speak For Themselves

In a recent (2018) US study of 194 female college athletes, 48.8% of the women’s basketball players reported receiving breast injuries over their careers. That’s nearly 50% of all women who played basketball during their college years!

Injuries Are Common

Until very recently, little was known about breast injuries in basketball, netball and other court sports. These injuries are common and can be very painful, causing significant drops in performance and deep bruising of the breast tissue.

Running And Jumping

Breast pain when running and jumping is due to excessive movement of the breasts on the chest wall.

It’s tempting to stay in tight clothing as the restrictive movement makes you feel better, but the temporary relief that this may provide actually makes the whole condition worse by compressing the lymphatics within the breast and within the skin. This increases the amount of fluid retained within the breast and typically causes pain in the front of the breast.

More Than a Sports Bra

To prevent pain during exercise your breasts should not be compressed tightly against the chest wall.

The breasts should preferably be encapsulated in a cup shape, as recommended by Professor Joanna Scurr, Head of Research Group in the UK Breast Health Institute. Boob Armour protective inserts are contoured to the shape of the breast to meet this requirement.

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