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Combat Popularity

The most prevalent combat sports for women in Australia are boxing, MMA and karate.

Once a fringe sport, MMA has soared in popularity over the past decade. A combination of boxing, jiu jitsu and wrestling, mixed martial arts are promoted at the top level by the UFC.

Why the current standard doesn’t work & why Boob Armour® is a better replacement.

Whilst competing or even sparring in some combat sports you may be required to wear a full chest guard. While effective in protecting from impact as they are made from strong rigid material, some participants may not find them comfortable, or that they limit free body movement.
Boob Armour offers a lightweight alternative to a chest guard. It fits into your favourite sports bra. Whether you are ducking and weaving in the ring, up against the cage in the octagon or practicing on the mat. It is always going to be safer to wear Boob Armour than risk the impact to an unprotected breast. We recommend to always follow the rules of the governing body as a MINIMUM.

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