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AFLW Protective Breast Inserts

AFL Women’s (AFLW) is Australia’s national semi-professional Australian Rules football league for female players. The AFLW began in February 2017 with 8 teams. Today the league has expanded to 14 teams in the 2020 season.

AFLW protective breast inserts have only come into focus over the last 12 months after intensive studies have been released looking at the impacts to breasts and their impacts to women’s health on and off the field.

Female breasts need good support to minimise breast movement during running and jumping, and be adequately protected from impact in contact sports.

Is a sports bra enough for impact sports?

Research studies have confirmed that well-designed sports bras, in which each breast is supported in a separate cup are more effective in limiting excessive motion and associated breast discomfort or pain than standard fashion bras or crop tops which attempt to reduce breast motion by simply compressing the breasts against the chest wall.

During running, you’re looking at about 15 centimetres of breast movement in the average woman, although up to 21 centimetres may occur in larger breasts, which is a substantial amount of movement. This can cause discomfort or pain, reported in up to 72% of exercising females and has an effect on the likelihood of girls engaging in sport, and/ or affecting their performance.

Compression tends to impede the flow of fluids within the breast and can potentially make the breast pain worse. As Boob Armour consists of protective cups that are inserted into the sports bra, they differ from other breast protective products that squash the breasts against the chest.

  • Protect women’s breast from impact
  • Aid in stopping all too common friction burns
  • Aids breast support
  • Be almost undetectable under your jersey
  • Fit comfortably into your favourite sports bra

For more information about our AFLW protective breast inserts click here, feel free to reach out and contact us if you have any questions.

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