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AFLW Protective Equipment

Since the first season of AFLW (women’s football) back in 2017 it has grown its popularity has grown enormously. With the recent growth a wide range of studies and research is being done nationally looking at different aspects of the sports and how women are impacting it.

The focus of recent studies looking at injuries and prevention of injuries at not just AFLW but at the grassroots level of women’s football, have identified some potential injury risks due to lack of protective equipment.

It was commonly thought that as men’s football has higher risk impacts, more protective equipment is required compared to AFLW, but this is not the case.

Recent studies have found that AFLW players are prone to breast injuries that can go on to have serious impacts off the field making a strong case for AFLW protective equipment.

A recent study of 207 female football players shows that less than 10% of female athletes report their breast injuries. Taking this fact into account breast impacts are extremely common and yet mostly remain under protected.

Breast impacts can also lead to some severe injuries that can follow you off the field, making a womens chest protector a no brainer.

How can breast injuries impact AFLW players?

The potential impacts go beyond just pain and discomfort. Common impacts range from missing games to performance issues and corrective surgery. There are many forms of AFLW protective gear available such as ankle braces, head protection and mouth guards but boob protection is very limited. It has been shown that impacts to the breast are quite common and can come from many sources such as from elbows, shirt fronting and kicks. The study of 504 female athletes shows that about 36% of AFL (Australian rules) players receive a breast injury over their career.

What is Boob Armour and how does it work?

Boob Armour protective inserts are sturdy Polyethylene shells that are designed to comfortably encapsulate the breast. They are made in many different sizes for both women and girls. They are not just for AFLW players but are recommended at all levels of play and as such they are endorsed by the AFL and AFLW. They absorb impact by spreading out the surface area and they fit neatly into your favourite sports bra to ensure your comfort.

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