Basketball Impact Bra Inserts

Why Use Basketball Impact Bra Inserts?

During contact sports like women’s basketball the breasts can be injured during collisions with arms, legs or other body parts. Apart from the pain, and having your performance affected, it has been shown that significant impact bruising to the female breast may result in the formation of lumps (known as fat necrosis) in the breast tissue.

These nodules can range in severity from just being painful and sensitive to causing issues that can require surgery later in life.

This makes Basketball impact bra inserts a critical part of the safety equipment you need to stay safe and perform at your best.

How can a basketball breast injury impact you?

A breast injury can have a wide range of impacts. Some Basketball injuries you have probably heard about are sprained ankles, Achilles tendinitis, knee tendinitis, ACL injuries etc. What you won’t hear about often are breast injuries. In a recent study of 194 college level women’s basketball players, they found that 48.8% of women received breast injuries over their career. Staggeringly that is nearly 50% of all women in basketball, the reason you may not heard about these figures is that only 9.6% of these women reported their injury to medical personnel. Despite these injuries being painful they also cause massive drops in performance. In that same study 18.2% of women surveyed indicated that breast injuries affected their sports participation from difficulty playing to missing games.

What can you do to protect your boobs?

Boob Armour impact protection inserts are made from a strong but comfortable 2mm thick Polyethylene, from a custom made mould. They are designed to not only absorb impacts but also too snugly encapsulate the breast in your cup size and shape, for comfort. Unlike a standard sports bra that just compresses the breasts against the chest wall our inserts ACTUALLY protect the breast and will fit into your favourite sports bra to boot.

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