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Safeguarding Young Athletes: Our responsibility

We want to emphasise a critical aspect of youth sports that often slips under the radar—the protection and well-being of our young athletes, with a particular focus on breast health. In our roles as parents, club officials, school principals, and caregivers, we all share a collective responsibility to ensure the safety and holistic development of […]

Why is breast protection necessary?

The topic of mandating breast protection for females in sports is an important one that warrants careful consideration. While protective gear is already commonplace in many sports, such as helmets, shin guards, and mouthguards, breast protection specifically tailored for females is not currently mandated. Here are some arguments in favour of implementing such a mandate: […]

Breaking the Myth: Small Breasts, Big Risks

Let’s shed light on a common misconception that often goes unnoticed but can have profound consequences for young girls and women: the belief that only developed breasts require protection. Many women and parents subscribe to the notion that breast protection is necessary only when a girl’s breasts have fully developed. The assumption is that larger […]