Football Breast Protection

Why Is Football Breast Protection under The Microscope?

In contact sports like football, injuries can be commonplace. Calf and groin strain, concussions, ACL injuries and general sprains, these are all well-known and documented. Because of common injuries like these we have a wide range of all protective equipment on the market like mouth guards, head gear, ankle braces, thigh protectors etc.

With the relatively recent surge in popularity in women’s football (AFL) a lot of research and studies are being done into injuries at all levels of play. One of the key interests is in football breast protection. Some of the biggest revelations in this space are the severe under reporting of breast injuries. A recent study found that less than 10% of women actually reported a breast injury (out of 207 surveyed).

This study also found that less than 52% of  Australian Rules (AFL) players were not even aware that football breast protection was even available.

What are the risks of not protecting your breasts?

While studies are only just starting to come out now there is already some alarming data on breast impacts. Some common injuries are painful breast bruising and swelling of the breast. These are commonly caused from elbow impacts. Greater impacts can also cause the formation of hard nodules in the breast tissue known as fat necrosis. Apart from being uncomfortable these can cause complications down the track in identifying breast cancer. In severe cases a breast haematoma can form. These can lead to major health issues that can require corrective surgery. Considering the severity of these issues it makes sense that AFLW made the chest area sacrosanct (comparative to head impacts in AFL for example) back in 2017.

How can you protect your boobs while playing football?

Let’s face it; hard knocks are unavoidable when playing football. The simplest way that you can protect yourself is try Boob Armours inserts. You wear a mouth guard to protect your mouth; you wear an ankle brace to protect your ankle. Now you can wear Boob Armours protective inserts to protect your breasts.

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