Football Impact Bra Inserts

Why Use Football Impact Bra Inserts?

During contact sports like women’s football the breasts can be injured during collisions with arms, legs or other body parts. Apart from the pain, and maybe having to miss a game, or having your performance affected, it has been shown that significant impact bruising to the female breast may result in the formation of hard nodules/ lumps in the breast tissue. While not a cause of breast cancer, down the track these lumps can be difficult to differentiate from breast cancer.

Several tests with increased medical costs may be needed before breast cancer can be ruled out.

This makes Football impact bra inserts a critical part of the safety equipment you need to stay safe and perform at your best

How can a breast injury impact you?

A breast injury can have a wide number of impacts on and off the field. In football injuries are common. We have all heard the stories of concussions, broken bones, pulled hamstrings etc. What you won’t hear about often are breast injuries. The reason for this was identified in a recent study into women’s AFL players & their breast injuries. The study of 207 women who play Australian Rules Football (AFL) found that only 10% of women mentioned their injury to their coach or doctor. A common impact outside of pain and physical injuries are missing games. There is nothing worse for a player than when you are watching a game from the sidelines when you could be out there giving it your all.

What is Boob Armour’s protective bra inserts?

Our Boob Armour inserts are made from strong but soft Polyethylene, 2mm thick, that act to decrease impact during contact sports. They absorb impact therefore alleviating injury to breast tissue. They snugly encapsulate the breasts in cup shapes; they don’t just compress/squash the breasts against the chest wall. All you need to do is slide them into your favourite sports bra and you are ready to go.

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