Hockey Impact Bra Inserts

Why Are Hockey Impact Bra Inserts needed?

Women’s hockey is a popular sport acknowledged globally. In Australia, hockey is played at clubs, schools and indoor centres across the country. Hockey is a physically demanding sport and during the course of play, players accelerate, decelerate and change direction all whilst trying to hit, pass, stop/trap or dribble the ball. As a result, injuries can occur making hockey impact bra inserts a must have.

Some common forms of breast injuries for hockey players are:

1. Painful areas of bruising

2. Friction burns and itchy rashes

3. Breast haematoma

4. Lumps or nodules which are known as fat necrosis

Whilst some of these injuries are just painful or uncomfortable a breast haematoma can lead to some serious off field issues. These lumps can easily get confused with breast cancer and can lead to inverting nipples inside of the breast tissue. Hockey impact bra inserts are quickly becoming the norm for all levels of women’s sport to try and avoid such issues for women and young girls.

How can a breast injury impact you?

A general trend among women’s contact sports is that less than 10% of women actually report their breast injury to a medical practitioner or coach. This means that the issue of breast impacts is severely under reported. Missing games is a common result of a serious breast impact. Another common impact is that your performance may be affected. Hockey is a highly competitive sport and as such requires a high level of physical performance. Not only can a breast injury be distracting but pain can often cause limited mobility and increased distraction. Every moment you are distracted is another opportunity for your opponent.

What is Boob Armour's protective bra inserts?

Our Boob Armour inserts are a custom designed to snugly encapsulate breasts of all sizes to ensure player comfort. They are made from a sturdy Polyethylene base that is designed to absorb impacts whilst remaining almost invisible under a jersey.

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