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Lacrosse Impact Bra Inserts

Why is lacrosse impact bra inserts essential in today's game?

Lacrosse has a proud history dating back to 1876 with a small but dedicated fan base and community in Australia. During contact sports like women’s lacrosse the breasts can be injured during collisions with legs, arms, sticks, balls and other body parts.

In fact injuries are even more prevalent in women’s lacrosse due to a number of factors, one being that women wear less protective equipment. The general sentiment is that impacts are not as powerful in women’s lacrosse hence less padding is required. As more and more studies are coming out on the impact to women’s bodies this sentiment is changing, especially around breast damage.

Some common forms of breast injury in women’s lacrosse:

1. Painful breast bruising

2. Friction burns that can lead to uncomfortable rashes

3. Breast haematoma resulting in swelling and pain

4. The formation of lumps also known as fat necrosis 

These injuries build a strong case for lacrosse impact bra inserts and many women’s sports associations are looking into mandating such equipment at all levels of play.

How can a breast injury impact you?

It’s widely known that lacrosse can lead to a vast range of injuries from ankle and knee sprains to concussions and broken bones; these are all commonplace. What you may not hear about are breast injuries. Unfortunately the primary reason for that is not because they are not happening but that they are not being reported. Studies of 504 high level female athletes show that less than 10% of women report these injuries to a medical practitioner.

Some common impacts on you are:

  •  Missing games
  • Missing training and coaching
  • Performance issues, making the game just that little bit harder
  • Ongoing pain that follows you off the field
  • Medical complications and in severe cases corrective surgery.

What can you do about it?

It’s really simple; Boob Armours protective inserts can help you prevent the problem before it happens. Our Lacrosse Impact Bra Inserts are designed to protect you from these harmful impacts. They discreetly fit into your favorite sports bra and could save you from a world of pain.

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