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I have finally allowed my 11 year old daughter to play AFL now that there is a product to protect her breasts. Not only are Boob Armour inserts light & easy to put in her favourite sports bra but they are seriously comfortable. I feel confident her breasts are protected.
– Jane, Armadale Victoria
I found lumps in my breast a year ago. The Breast Cancer Surgeon's first question to me was "have you ever received an injury to the breast?" Apparently injury to the breast can create lumps that need investigation - biopsies, mammograms, MRI's etc are unpleasant & expensive. Turns out my lumps were probably caused by a breast knock when I was younger. Anything that will protect the breasts in contact sports should be obligatory.
- Grace, Paddington NSW
These are the best product ever invented! I play representative basketball and it's ROUGH as! Having Boob Armour inserts that fit straight into my favourite Nike sports bra has saved me from icing my boobs at the end of the game. Mouthguard in, boob inserts in!
- Charlotte, Waverley, 19 years old