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Boob Armour Inserts Love it! Life-changing! As a large breasted woman who loves running and cardio exercise I struggle with sports bras. They are usually ineffective after a few wears. Boob armour gives me the reinforcement I need and has been great at reducing impact and stress on my breasts. Also sports bras for large busts are never focussed on aesthetics. But boob armour gives me a nice shape. It’s a great difference from my usual experience of sports bras feeling trussed up like a Christmas turkey. Thanks, boob armour! Potential buyers - believe boob armour when they recommend getting the size below your actual size. I’m a DD/E cup and bought the large inserts and they fit great.
– Michelle McDonald, Alice Springs, NT
I found lumps in my breast a year ago. The Breast Cancer Surgeon's first question to me was "have you ever received an injury to the breast?" Apparently injury to the breast can create lumps that need investigation - biopsies, mammograms, MRI's etc are unpleasant & expensive. Turns out my lumps were probably caused by a breast knock when I was younger. Anything that will protect the breasts in contact sports should be obligatory.
- Grace, Paddington NSW
Awesome product and perfect for all the contact sport my daughter plays. So discreet and one of the best products I have ever invested in. Amazing service and very personal letter to explain how they are to fit and if any problems or questions how to go about getting the answers. PERFECT 🤩
- Cathy Russell, Mount Compass, SA