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The sportswoman’s guide to best-practice breast protection

Put simply, if you play sport and have breasts, you should be protecting them. No ifs, ands or buts: even if you don’t experience any breast pain, you play a non-contact sport or your breasts are on the smaller side, preventative breast protection should be a priority for all active women.

That’s because the wear and tear that goes with being a woman on the move can cause you pain, irritation and more serious health problems down the track – so it’s important to cultivate positive habits around breast health before injury strikes.

The impact of breast injury on women in sport

If you’ve experienced breast pain, you know just how frustrating it can be. From a physical standpoint, throbbing pain in your chest region is just no fun! Breast injuries are uncomfortable and tend to stick around, which can make physical activity a pretty miserable time.

Add to that the mental toll: playing with a breast injury can rattle your confidence and even influence your performance. Whether you’re shying away from contests with other players or avoiding running full-pelt after the ball, it can be demoralising to feel you can’t give your best to the game.

Boob Armour is designed to support breasts, whatever the status of your breast health. If you’re in recovery, Boob Armour is the perfect defence against further trauma. If your breasts are perfectly healthy, Boob Armour is your best bet for keeping them that way!

Suzie’s story

Boob Armour is the brainchild of an active woman, designed for active women. We’re passionate about helping you live your healthiest life and perform at your peak – at work or at play.

When Boob Armour founder Suzie Betts found lumps in her breast, she was alarmed. Her first thought was of course cancer, but she was surprised when her surgeon asked about her history of breast trauma. She learned that high-contact sports and repeated impact on breast tissue can give rise to chronic pain and the formation of hard, uncomfortable nodules later in life.

An avid athlete with two sporty daughters of her own, Suzie was floored. She’d never considered that years of knocks to her boobs would one day land her in a doctor’s office requiring tests, a biopsy and eventually even surgery to rule out a cancer diagnosis – but that was suddenly her reality.

Luckily, no cancer was detected, but the diagnostic process was costly and rattled Suzie’s emotional wellbeing at the time. Suzie knew she had to do something, and Boob Armour was born.

Who needs breast protection in sports?

If you have breasts, you should be protecting them whenever you’re involved in any high-impact activity that involves movement. Regardless of if you’re playing contact or non-contact sports, your breasts are at risk. 

Whether it’s an acute event (think a painful knock to your sensitive breast tissue) or a chronic build-up of trauma (brought on by years of low-level but repeated straining or impact), the best protection is always preventative protection.

At what age should girls and women start protecting their breasts?

Put simply, if you have breasts, then there’s always a risk of sustaining trauma to them during physical exertion – and active sportswomen and budding young athletes in the making are the most at-risk group.

Studies show that many school-aged girls who play sport report breast pain brought on by physical activity but aren’t educated on how to best protect their breasts, or the implications breast injury can have for their long-term health into adulthood.

There’s no such thing as too young to get serious about breast health, and Boob Armour inserts are designed to cater to girls as young as eight years old. All boob-owners can benefit from wearing effective breast protection, which is why it’s so important to cultivate positive habits from childhood.

We envisage a world where women and girls reach for their Boob Armour as they would any other protective equipment, like a mouthguard, shinpad or helmet. Our ultimate goal is to be unnoticeable. Our feather-light inserts are designed for a barely-there feel, providing you with excellent breast protection without interfering in your day-to-day activities.

Find your perfect fit

It’s time to get proactive about your breast health! Don’t let boob pain, discomfort or injury hold you back. Shop your dream fit today and move through your world with total confidence.

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