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Womens Breast Impact Protection

Women’s breast impact protection has become an essential part of women’s sport over recent years. In combat sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts it is absolutely essential.

What are common breast injuries?

If you are looking for some reasons to wear women’s breast impact protection you really can’t look past the list below of potential injuries.

  • Bruising that can be painful and disruptive to play
  • Chaffing and friction burns
  • A haematoma can form in the breast
  • Lumps can form as a result of a haematoma

With injuries as severe as breast haematoma it makes sense to wear women’s breast impact protection.  A breast haematoma is a collection of blood inside the injured breast tissue. This usually occurs as a result of bleeding somewhere inside the breast tissue. Contact sports can cause health problems like this and more and then go on to cause problems off the field. 

What sports can cause breast injuries?

While it seems like combat sports would cause the most breast injuries that is not necessarily the case. The reason for this is the level of adoption of women’s and girls breast impact protection amongst its player base. Having a look at football for example in a recent study of 207 females who play Australian Rules (AFL) it was found that 53% of women had no idea breast protection was available.

Some common sports with prominent breast injuries are football, soccer, MMA, boxing, Cricket, basketball and lacrosse

How can you protect your breasts?

The 69.95 dollar question is how you can protect yourself from a breast injury. It’s simple, that’s how much Boob Armours protective breast inserts cost. It’s a small price to pay to protect yourself from a potentially life changing impact. Boob Armours inserts are designed for women and girls of all ages and all levels of sport. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to protect yourself.

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