Ready to protect your breasts, but wondering about your perfect Boob Armour fit?

Breasts are as unique and diverse as the people they belong to. So, naturally, our super-protective Boob Armour inserts can’t exist in one-size-fits-all to support all of the different bodies out there. 

When you’re ready to up your game and get serious about breast protection, read on for tips to find your dream Boob Armour fit.

Get measuring

For the comfiest wear and optimal protection, your Boob Armour should snugly cup your breasts, mimicking their natural shape. We advise you whip out the measuring tape for the most precise Boob Armour fit – and don’t rely on your bra sizes as a guide.

Follow the steps in our handy Fit Calculator and your boobs will be ready for action in no time.

First, measure your band size

Measure along the base of your breasts, where your bra underwire would go, right around your body. If you have a half-centimetre measurement, round up to the nearest centimetre.

Next, measure your cup size

Note: Boob Armour doesn’t use the standard A, B, C cup sizes, so don’t skip this step if you want the best-possible fit. With your shirt off but bra still on, measure around your body at the fullest part of your breasts. Again, round up to the nearest centimetre.

Choose your shape

What shape are your breasts? Our Fit Calculator lists several categories of boob shape – including Round, Conical, Sweeping, Relaxed, Large, Small and Flattened – plus diagrams for you to refer to. 

When calculating your fit, choose the shape that most resembles your own breasts for Boob Armour inserts that will complement your natural shape.

Your second skin

Your Boob Armour is designed to sit seamlessly between your skin and sports bra or crop top. Each 2mm-thick insert features vents to keep you cool and weighs just 15 grams – ensuring a light, breathable, barely-there feel for the wearer.

Does Boob Armour cater to all sizes?

Boob Armour is designed for everybody and every body. No matter what your breasts look like, or their size, we want to protect them.

When should you start using breast protection?

The short answer: the younger, the better. 

The long answer: at Boob Armour, we believe the best kind of breast protection is preventative breast protection. Breast injury or trauma might occur in the form of an acute event (think a one-off, high-impact knock to the tissue), or it could have a cumulative effect (injury or pain sustained over years of high-contact sports or other activities).

Boob Armour caters to girls from eight years old. It’s crucial that we understand the impact of long-term, ongoing contact on breast health and model breast protection for young girls as a habit – akin to wearing a mouthguard or other protective gear.

We’re thrilled to live in a world where more girls and women are taking to the field alongside their male peers and getting involved in contact sports and other traditionally ‘male’ pursuits. But breast health remains an important conversation we’re simply not giving enough airtime to.

Studies show that exercise-induced breast pain is a common experience for school-aged girls who play sports, but that they’re unlikely to report this discomfort. Research conducted in NSW also reveals that schoolgirls are also, for the most part, under-educated when it comes to their breast health.

That’s why we’re committed to supporting our budding young athletes to be as confident and comfortable they can be.

Find your perfect fit

It’s time to get proactive about your breast health! Don’t let boob pain, discomfort or injury hold you back. Shop your dream fit today and move through your world with total confidence.

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