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So, you’re tossing up whether to purchase your very own Boob Armour? Amazing – but before you do, there are some things you should know.

First and foremost: Boob Armour was designed for people with breasts. If you have breasts, Boob Armour is for you. It’s as simple as that – because if you have breasts, you already know that they’re an especially sensitive and injury-prone part of the body that needs some extra TLC. 

As a breast-owner, you’ll especially appreciate the protective powers of Boob Armour if any of these five statements ring true for you.

1. You are active – in any capacity

If you’re athletic and involved in sports at any level, you’ll understand how vital breast protection can be – especially in high-contact or high-impact activities. That being said, Boob Armour is here to support the active woman whatever she’s doing, and wherever her day takes her.

Your work might involve load-bearing, physically assisting patients, or simply staying on your feet. If you’re on the move, then Boob Armour is here to support you. 

At Boob Armour, we’re proud to empower women in sport through partnerships with organisations like the AFL/AFLW, but the reality is breast protection should be on every woman’s radar.

2. You play, work or move with less confidence because of your breasts

There’s a good chance you’re used to a bit of rough and tumble in your line of work or recreation, but too often women’s confidence also takes a knock when breasts get in the way.

It might be almost subconscious: you might fear a tackle, avoid going full pelt after the ball, or you might hold back in high-impact situations at work. 

At Boob Armour, we believe you should set the benchmark of your performance – not your breasts.

3. You value comfort and convenience as much as protection

Boob Armour exists to do as the name suggests: fortify your breasts from life’s knocks, nudges and elbows. But what good would protection be if it was a pain to wear, got in your way or weighed you down?

Boob Armour understands your need for long-lasting comfort and ease of movement out there on or in the field. That’s why our inserts cleverly blend function and feel.

Each insert is 15gm in weight for a barely-there feel, and 2mm thick for maximum shock absorption. Boob Armour mimics your body’s natural shape to snugly cup each breast like a second skin. Simply pop your Boob Armour inserts into your favourite sports bra or crop top, and you’re ready for action – whatever that means to you.

4. You care about preventative health

Studies show that breast pain and injury is incredibly common, yet often goes unreported. Breast health isn’t your usual go-to conversation topic over a cuppa – but here at Boob Armour, we think it should be.

That’s because how you care for your breasts today can have far-reaching effects later in life. Take our founder and owner, Suzie Betts, for example. When Suzie found lumps in her breasts, she was surprised when her surgeon asked her if she’d ever experienced trauma to the breast – in the form of bumps and bruising.

That’s because high-impact knocks to breast tissue can cause hard nodules and lumps to form down the track, which can resemble cancer. Suzie had to undergo a string of tests, biopsies and even surgery to rule out a breast cancer diagnosis. 

Even without nodules developing, chest muscle and breast trauma can be painful and taxing on the body, and require treatment like physio to heal.

The best way to take care of your breasts is to preempt injury and protect them whenever you’re on the move.

5. You want to support positive change

Boob Armour is more than just a sports bag essential. We’re here to ignite the conversation around breast health, and promote positive outcomes for women in sport and the broader community. 

We partner with likeminded teams, athletes, inspirational figures and charities who share our mission. If our goals resonate with you, you can support us by letting us support you.

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